Xmas – Lametta

Dezember  2019 / 16 Kommentare deaktiviert für Xmas – Lametta

Dir Mrs. President, liebe Mel,

es yu wissen. Se Kristmas Fest is in front of se door and i hev a dringende kwestschn tu yu. And so, mei Dings, oiso mei Frau, mei Weif, said set i soll ask yu. Yu alwais do sou nice kristmas dekorations. And now mei balls are out. All my Money is weg tu.

Long Speech, short Sinn: I need red balls for mei Kristmas Trie. And so i sot auf yu. I tschust soh yu on se tiwi.

Last yea yu hed so menny red bolls. What did yu du wis sem? Did yu recycle sem? Or sell sem über se ebay. If not. Wuld yu pleas bi sou lieb and schick mi some?
Bekohs in se neues Jahr, i make a new list and for Vienna sei love hier se red balls.

Thank you so muchachos!

A former Kollega from se husbend.

Sintisirly (not Romarliy),

HC Strache, Vienna

Formerly known as Vice and Sports Cancellor, Smoker, Pfötchenpunscher and Ibiza Film Star

ps. i kud giv yu som türkis balls. i dont nid sem mehr.